PPGArtists 2021: Kelsey Brod

Residency Dates:

June 28-August 8, 2021


August 20, 2021



My residency at Power Plant gave me a space to feel the affects of the pandemic differently and to face grief over so much theft of life. I felt the space filling itself and me with a different sensitivity to making and perceiving. I began working with Covid-19 data, challenging myself to make counted data and its gaps feel more embodied. The in/ability to feel a relationship to large numbers, to feel and gather a sense of scale, is not just a question of processing the pandemic. It is also a fundamental question of socio-computational ontologies like digital networks. The presented works-in-process ask, how can data vibrate, particularly beyond one-to-one correlation? Can these vibrational margins of indeterminacy account for the unaccounted with and without counting?

Trees in water, flooded, with cell phone floating. Digital recreation: Untitled(reported North Carolina state Covid-19 death increases as wind in the trees), work-in-process,Unity game engine, 2021
Untitled (reported North Carolina state Covid-19 death increases as wind in the trees), work-in-process, Unity game engine, 2021
Meet the artists:
Kelsey Brod: How to Facial Mocap Drag Blender
Kelsey Brod: How to Facial Mocap Drag Blender

Kelsey Brod is an artist and critical theorist currently working on her/their PhD in the Computational Media, Arts and Cultures program at Duke University. Brod’s video, performance, net projects, and prints explore dynamics of gender, whiteness, and national politics in and through technological phenomena. More recently, their work explores human-machine reasoning and various methodological boundaries drawn by data bias and mathematical limits. Brod’s research and writing have focused on early imaginations of the internet by women, machine vision, and performance art. Brod received an MFA in visual arts and an MA in art history from SUNY Purchase, NY in 2019. She has most recently shown at PROTO Gallery, NJ, the Hudson Museum of Contemporary Art, September Gallery, NY, and Die Digitale, Düsseldorf, GE. Composer







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