Telling Realism: A Cabinet of Wonder

On View

Reception: May 10, 5pm-8pm. Join us for a Graduation Happy Hour.


The original cabinets of wonder, or wunderkammern, were–in fact–rooms that contained a loose collection of related objects, meant to tell the stories and tales gathered through one’s exploration of the world. While often filled with items meant to depict the natural world, they also existed to collect objects of art and are the forerunners to museums.

TELLING REALISM: A Cabinet of Wonder grows out of Duke University’s MFA seminar Experimental and Documentary Arts: Telling Realism where the class read, looked at, and discussed a range of ways of representing the “real.” All of the work in this exhibition is a personal outgrowth of these explorations, the resulting expressions of personal life, the frailties of lived experience, and the often ineffable turns in the temporal.

Artists include:
Fati Abubakar
Michael Betts II
Jing Cai
Cici Cheng
Lauren Henschel
Cassandra Klos
Zaire McPhearson
Alex Morelli
Hoang Nguyen
Bishop Ortega
Alanna Styer
Iliana Sun
Will Warasila
Mao Wei
Tanner Reid White