Pleiades Arts | Truth to Power 8

On View


  • Virtual Juror’s Talk with Angel Dozier and Cornelio Campos, August 7, 2020 at 7pm.
  • Artist Talk, August 21, 2020 at 6pm.
    • Line up:
      • 6:00 to 6:45pm (Film, video, photography, digital illustration, linocut, silkscreen) with Rox Campbell, Katie Damien, Bree Davis, Natalia Lopes, Tim McGloin, Cara Smelter, Alissa Van Atta, and Georgia Welch
      • 6:45 to 7:30 pm (Painting, mixed media, sculpture) with Bethany Bash, Jenny Blazing, Brenda Brokke, Malcolm Goff, Clarence Heyward, Jermaine Powell, Eliza Salmon , Suzie Stogner, and Karen Tarkulich


A link to make reservations will be made available here, once we are able and permitted to reopen to in-person viewing. See note below.



Pleiades Arts | Truth to Power 8 Zine
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Pleiades Arts will present its 8th annual Truth to Power visual arts show from August 6 to 30. The juried exhibit, which includes video, mixed media, painting, sculpture, and photography, features 30 North Carolina artists from 8 counties who speak to pressing issues of social justice. The exhibit is being hosted by Power Plant Gallery at the American Tobacco Campus.

The exhibit’s title comes from a 1955 Quaker pamphlet, “Speak Truth to Power,” and could hardly be more timely. At this time of listening, learning and unlearning, the exhibit gives voice to diverse truths and interrogates the systems and individuals shaping our society.

The stunning and emotional works in the exhibit provide powerful commentary on our times, with a focus on structural racism’s impact on a personal and societal level. In this year of 2020, as we face viruses of many kinds, “Truth to Power” is a timely expression of frustration, anger, anxiety, and even hope.

Truth to Power 8 was juried by Angel Dozier, an activist, creative, educator and founder of Be Connected Durham, a community initiative connecting audiences, addressing disparities, fostering equity, and bridging access gaps through the arts, culture, music, and politics, and Cornelio Campos, a painter, muralist and community educator whose widely-exhibit work draws from his roots in Michoacan, Mexico, using vibrant colors, iconic American images and Indigenous symbols to comment on the process and politics of immigration.


Claire Alexandre ,Gabriela Amaya-Baron, Jamaal Anthony & Eric Raddatz, Arielle Balkcom, Bethany Bash, Jenny Blazing, Brenda Brokke, Rox Campbell, Faith Couch, Katie Damien, Bree Davis, Leroi DeRubertis, Sara Dobbs, Malcolm Goff, Nora Hartlaub, Clarence Heyward, Wiley Johnson, Natalia Lopes, Isaac Lund, Tim McGloin, Jermaine Powell, Eliza Salmon, Cara Smelter, Whitney Stanley, Linda Starr, Suzie Stogner, Karen Tarkulich, Alissa Van Atta, Georgia Welch, Michael Williams Jr


Pleiades Gallery entered the Durham art scene in April 2013 with outstanding contemporary art offerings from a group of talented local artists.  The first Truth to Power exhibit was presented in 2013 and the exhibit has continued annually.

In 2017, Pleiades Arts was formed as a non-profit, and in 2019 became a fully virtual organization, with the mission to co-create and generate arts experiences in full partnership with communities and their members, in accessible and understandable ways; to provide a lasting (enduring) connection to resources and community for people who want to tell stories through art; to engage with communities that are not in the mainstream arts spaces around issues of justice, inclusion, and lived experience, in safe and nurturing spaces, and to challenge notions of who art is for, how it is created, why it’s important; and who gets to experience it it.

Pleiades’ first exhibit outside its original gallery space was Queer Lens, in October 2019, presented in  collaboration with the  LGBTQ Center of Durham.

For more information visit the gallery web site at and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Pleiadesarts.

A Note About In-Person Viewing and COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Power Plant Gallery is committed to the physical and emotional experience that comes with sharing proximity to art. However, we will prioritize the safety of our staff and patrons first. The PPG has developed a checklist for reopening that includes tracking local and regional COVID numbers, getting the appropriate permissions from Duke University, training staff on additional monitoring, hygiene and cleaning protocols, in addition to making the gallery safe and accessible to all.

The gallery is temporarily closed to the public. Please stay tuned for online exhibitions and virtual programming.

The Power Plant Gallery believes in supporting the voice and mission of our local and regional artists and we look forward to opening our doors again soon. All questions about in-person viewing should be directed to the Power Plant Gallery at 919-660-3622 or