Phone Home Durham

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Over the last decade, mobile phone photography has become the most pervasive photographic activity the world over. The mobile phone camera has become the snapshot camera of the 21st century, allowing anyone with a phone to possess both a camera and photo archive in their pocket. For this exhibition the Power Plant Gallery invites mobile phone photographers from all walks of life to submit images of Durham County taken with mobile phone cameras or other hand held devices.

With the support from Museo Digital Fine Art Media, a select number of photographs from the open call will be printed for exhibition. All photographs chosen for printing will be added to the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University.

The gallery will continue accept submissions throughout the exhibition for the ‘rotating wall’ with new photographs every three weeks.

Guest Curators: Alexa Dilworth, Jeremy M. Lange, Aaron Canipe, and Jim Lee. This exhibit was made possible with additional support from: Archive of Documentary Arts, Rubenstein Library, Duke University, Museo Digital Fine Art Media, and the Durham County Library.

Phone Home Durham Flyer
Phone Home Durham Install shot


Phone Home Durham Install shot