Mary Carter Taub: The Bubble

On View


Meditation and Reception: Saturday, February 25, 5:30–8pm

Meditation with Nina Be of Global Breath Studios will begin at 5:30pm
Artist’s Reception begins at 6pm

Artist’s Talk: Sunday, February 26, 2:30pm
*Please note the gallery will hold special hours on Sunday. We will be open from 11am-6pm.


The Bubble is a four-day pop-up show that explores modern material existence, consumerism, privilege and mindfulness on a personal scale. The site based artwork is comprised of materials the artist collected over a 6-month period from her purchases. The Bubble is a retail trail of consumption detritus: receipts, invoices, foil candy wrappers, price tags, UPC barcode stickers, shipping boxes, bubble wrap, twisty tie fasteners, and rubber bands. Each of these discards has little significance when taken discretely but when considered collectively these leftovers add up to a heap of clutter and a mound of stuff.


About the artist:
Mary Carter Taub’s process-oriented work is highly improvisational and heavily reliant on intuition. Taub doesn’t begin with a preordained start to finish plan. She knows her first move and commits to it, then looks for happy accidents, detours, and opportunities of coincidence. Every step changes the work. The improvisation comes in the form of creative reaction to what has already happened. Taub trusts that the inevitable lemons (sometimes seen by others as “mistakes”) of an open creative process will eventually yield lemonade. In this way, her process reflects how we live our lives: We make a move, encounter a problem or a choice, we react, we adapt, and move on to the next encounter.

Mary Cater Taub installation shot