Art of a Scientist: Bridging the Gap

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Art of a Scientist: Bridging the Gap highlights the creativity and purposeful labor inherent in both the arts and sciences. Whether it is on a nano-level or as large as the cosmos, science strives to understand the way the world works and to fill the gaps in our knowledge. Through collaborations between artists and scientists this exhibit also seeks to fill the gaps in the understanding of science.

The online exhibition zine features the work by 37 artists or scientists from across Duke and Durham and includes a special section by students from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. From the wonderfully circular forms of a sea urchin to the blue dots on a graph illustrating the chromatin structure of budding yeast, the artists and scientists in this zine make use of the ordinary and extraordinary.

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About Art of a Scientist:

A part of Duke InspireArt of a Scientist was started in 2018 by three Duke University graduate students, Ariana Eily, Casey Lindberg, and Hannah Devens, who are passionate about making science accessible to the general public.

We often hear about the stark differences between art and science - that some people are analytical while others are free-thinkers, with little room to mix. In reality, artists and scientists actually have a lot in common.

Art of a Scientist brings together the creativity of these two seemingly unrelated fields in order to explain complex scientific ideas and principles and share them with a general audience.